The Menorah Legacy Foundation was founded in 2003 and evolved from the original Menorah Medical Center Foundation. While no longer affiliated with Menorah Hospital, it is the goal of the Foundation to perpetuate the philanthropic spirit of the Menorah Medical Center Foundation, to be mindful of and act in accordance with the Jewish heritage of our Foundation's history and to maintain flexibility in our purpose in response to changes in healthcare needs and new ways to serve those needs.


The Menorah Legacy Foundation is a public charity that serves as a community, health care funder of non-profit organizations. The Foundation is also an incubation partner for launching proven best practice, innovative projects that meet the criteria of any of the three Foundation focus areas noted below and that draw other funders as initiatives become established.


1. Health Care Now Needs.

Programs that promote short and long term physical or mental health primarily targeting the Jewish community. The focus includes not only healthcare programs but also healthcare-related social services. Examples include:

  • Support for providers of physical or mental health services;
  • Medication assistance
  • Health Education
  • Nutrition counseling and food assistance
  • Transportation to physician and/or healthcare provider appointments
  • Social work services


2. Health and well-being of the Jewish Community

  • Foster continuity of Jewish identity over a lifetime.
  • Enable a sustainable, inclusive Jewish community that may include outreach to the general community.
  • Dedicate a certain amount of funding to support focused initiatives for Jewish persons ages 33 and younger.
  • Support efforts that promote a literate, educated Jewish community.


3. Healthy for Life

Programs that proactively improve health and wellness by fostering transformational change in individual or community behaviors. The ideal Healthy for Life grant would impact mind, body and spirit.

Most Recent Incubation Project – The Kansas City Beans&Greens Program

After having established a reputation in the community as a champion of innovative and transformational solutions to improve and expand physical education programs in our public schools, the Menorah Legacy Foundation was able to quickly garner support from health care foundations, hospital and health care institutions, social service agencies and food pantries to launch an inventive approach to address healthy food access. With start-up funding from the Menorah Legacy Foundation and the Health Care Foundation, the Kansas City Beans&Greens Program was launched in May, 2010. The Kansas City Beans&Greens Program is a nutrition-incentive program that targets low-income families in Wyandotte and Johnson Counties in Kansas and Clay and Jackson Counties in Missouri as well as farmers within a 500-mile radius of these counties. Beans&Greens makes locally grown food accessible and affordable to persons receiving food assistance by collaborating with area farmers markets, low income families and seniors, and the communities which serve these populations. Since its inception in 2010, the Kansas City Beans&Greens Program has increased access to and affordability for healthy, locally grown food to over 33,000 low-income persons and seniors.

"Health is a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity."

- World Health Organization

Woodland Elementary - courtesy of PE4Life